This Has Nothing to Do with Poker

Jsimpsonwwtdd_1Today is one day after Day 2B of the WSOP main event, which is the seventh day since it all began and the day before Day 3, which is the eighth day since the first hand was dealt. But most importantly it is a day of rest for everyone here at the WSOP, which is nice because we finally can catch up on important news around the world like the possible civil war in Iraq, rockets raining down on Israel, communism in post-Castro Cuba and Jessica Simpson walking around in a see-thru, nipple-view dress with no bra.

The last bit of news is especially intriguing to us here at Wicked Chops Poker because the other night we were chowing down on great-tasting rib eyes over at N9NE in the Palms and noticed that one particular “hostess” looked a lot like Jessica Simpson. Snake even went so far as to say she was hotter than Jessica Simpson, but he was drunk on rib eye at the time.

What’s the point of all this? Nothing. Except go to if you want to check out the revealing photos of Jessica Simpson, and go to N9NE the next time you’re in Vegas if you want enjoy a great-tasting rib eye while checking out girls who look like Jessica Simspon and who we swear are paid just to walk around the restaurant and look like Jessica Simpson.


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  1. Joel

    August 4, 2006 7:18 am, Reply

    I ate dinner at the Palms two weeks ago and saw the hostess you’re talking about. She is absolutely smoking hot and probably the best looking girl I’ve ever seen in person. We asked our waiter how old she was. Apparently, she’s 21. Why she’s working at N9NE and not modeling somewhere is beyond me. She was drop-dead gorgeous, the kind of girl who just makes it impossible not to stare.

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