This Is a Bad Idea

Watch PokerRoad Radio’s Joe Stapleton’s Golden Brown Prop Bet on

One time, these three really hot girls approached the Entities at this Victoria’s Secret lingerie show we were at and said, “You guys are really hot. Can we pay you $10,000 a piece to have sex with us?” After some hemming and hawing, we said, “Make it $15,000.” They said, “How about $20,000?” And we said, “Deal.”

The point of this story is some people will do anything for money.

Take Poker Road Radio host Joe Stapleton.

Gavin Smith and Joe Sebok bet Stapes that he wouldn’t take 14 total spray tan #3’s (that’s like turning your amp all the way to 11…i.e. it’s as high as you can go) over the course of a week. He thought he could do it, so he took the bet. The above video is what he looks like after JUST THREE SPRAYS.

We’ll do a follow-up vid on Monday to see how he looks again…


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