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After a long lay-off, Eminem is ready to drop a new album, Relapse. Hopefully it’s not a relapse into rhyming about how your mom is a bitch and wife is crazy, cause that shit gets old and kind of silly once you approach 40. But anyway, he was in Las Vegas recently taking promotional pics for the album with Dr. Dre and 50 Cent.

Quick tangent, but when the hell is Dre releasing a new album? Put The Chronic in right now and listen to how well it stands up. Also listen to it because if you think we’re sexist, holy shit. And is any rapper more overrated than 50 Cent? If Dre hadn’t produced “In Da Club” would anyone even know who he is? Dre even made Nate Dogg sound cool with his “smoke weed every day” line at the end of “The Next Episode.” You try singing that line and sound cool. It’s not easy. Dre is a miracle worker. Somebody needs to put him on The EconomyTM. U.S. America would be kicking it post-WWII style in about six months. Barack Obama needs to get on that, stat. They probably already know each other too, so it shouldn’t be hard.

Anyway, the above photo is kind of confusing. Interscope released it saying that it’s (obviously) a pic of the guys playing high stakes cards from Em’s first video off Relapse.

However, they’re clearly playing blackjack. So why does Em look like he’s about to ship his chips all-in style to the center? Does that explain Dre and Fiddy’s quizzical looks?

Read about the shoot here. And for old time’s sake, watch “Dre Day” here.


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  1. Rob

    March 25, 2009 8:52 am, Reply

    Its a spoof on the movie Rainman
    Eminem is obviously Raymond (dustin Hoffman)
    Dre is Tom Cruise
    tehy are both wearing the same grey suits that they did when they fleeced the casino in the movie when raymond was counting cards

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