This Is Hot

If the WPT did as good of a job hiring cool, hot girls to work for them (both on camera and in the offices) as they did just generally running their business, they’d be the freaking Microsoft of the poker industry. A Microsoft with cool, hot girls.

Case in point is the Legends of Poker wrap-up with Kimberly Lansing and Season 6 hostess Layla Kayleigh. Note to Lipscomb and crew: a sure-fire way to spike ratings as you move to GSN would be adding a segment to each broadcast called something like, "Layla’s Thoughts On Poker While Sitting on Kimberly’s Lap." Trust us this shit works. It’s a very simple formula. Maybe a tickle-fight here and there wouldn’t hurt either.

Link to YouTube video of Layla on Kimberly’s lap.


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