This Is Much Better

Lacey Jones 2010 WSOP

Leave it to Lacey Jones to make things better.

Good news.

Our photog from the past few years and honorary Canadian entity Newby just got into town today, and he brought his camera with him. If you don’t know him by name you know his work (instant classics Angel Girl, the Jack Links’ Beef Jerky Girls [herehere ]and Brad Garrett’s Girlfriend, to name a few). Nothing against Gluten Free Charles, who’s been busting his butt the past few weeks, but nobody can perv stalk with a Nikon like Newby. The guy’s the freakin Jacques Cousteau of Girls on the Rail.

Below are some warm-up shots he just took from today’s action including photos of Lacey Jones, Samantha Ryan, Lisa Hamilton, girl with huge rack, and another girl with huge rack (who now has a name, Alexis Gilbard – thanks Benjo).

[nggallery id=”148″]


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