This Week in Poker Back Today with Prahlad Friedman, Vanessa Selbst – 7pm ET/4pm PT

Prahlad Friedman will take your questions on today's This Week in Poker.

After taking a holiday break, we’re back with a new This Week in Poker on Tuesday at 7pm ET/4pm PT.

Joining us in studio is Prahlad Friedman. He’ll take all of your questions regarding his new deal with UB.

Also, joining us via Skype from the PCA is our Wicked Chops Player of the Year Vanessa Selbst, as well as the Forbes scribe covering Washington state payment processor seizures, Nathan Vardi.

All of that, plus poker headlines with Jess Welman.

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In the meantime, listen to our latest podcast with Phil Hellmuth‘s agent Brian Balsbaugh on the Poker Brat’s future here.


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  1. cougs

    January 11, 2011 9:51 am, Reply

    Chops –
    I’ve decided your opening of “this week in poker” sounds very…
    Christopher Walken.

    To clarify…yes, that’s a compliment.

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