This Week in Poker Ep. 23 with Jeff Madsen, WPT Royal Flush Girls

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In probably one of our most fun shows, Jeff Madsen and WPT Royal Flush Girls Sunisa Kim and Jennifer Haley joined us for This Week in Poker.

While we didn’t get into conspiracies too much with Madsen, we are dedicating a podcast with him later this week for a “healthy discussion” on his views about 9/11, the moon landing, JFK, and more.

Madsen instead talked about the challenges of being a young poker millionaire and how he’s grown over the past five years. The show ends with a surprisingly good freestyle  rap by Madsen with WPT Royal Flush Girls Sunisa Kim and Jennifer Haley “bad dancing” to it all.

Show notes with time stamps below:

0:00 – Show start, introductions and Brian’s creepy mustache.

4:28 – 20:30 – Poker Headlines with Jess Welman – Discussion includes Carter Phillips machete incident at the EPT Barcelona, poker legislation update, Peter Eastgate’s WSOP bracelet sold on eBay and the WPT regional event in Florida.

20:31 – Interview with Jeff Madsen begins

38:29 – Conspiracy theories and a round of Poker Metaphors Signifying You Have to Act Quickly with Madsen.

45:26WPT Royal Flush Girls Jen Haley and Sunisa Kim join us in the studio.

51:32 – 52:35 – Jen Haley and Sunisa Kim lick their elbows.

52:36 – 58:29 – Rest of our interview with the Royal Flush Girls.

58:30Jeff Madsen and the Royal Flush Girls close out the show with a freestyle rap and dancing.


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