This Week In Poker: Episode 4

Fourth Episode of This Week In Poker Now Up and Archived

Guests last Tuesday included 2010 WSOP Ante Up For Africa winner Phil Gordon, UFC ring announcer and Full Tilt Poker red pro Bruce Buffer, 2009 WSOP Main Event Champion Joe Cada, and former Last Woman StandingTM champs and Amazing Race contestants Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho. If you missed it, watch it above or go to the official This Week In Poker page here.

The ep was longer than a James Cameron flick in slo-mo, so here’s a breakdown of where the guests joined the show.

2:20 – Phil Gordon talks about his Ante Up For Africa win, prop bets with his kids, Dennis Rodman’s ridiculous laydown on Celebrity Poker Showdown, the state of online poker legislation and how freakin’ good the new breed of poker players are.

30:00 – Bruce Buffer dishes on UFC 116, Brock Lesnar, trademarking his catchphrase, the convergence of poker and MMA and his new poker room at the Luxor.

47:00 – Joe Cada opens up about how hectic life’s been since winning $8.55 million last November and is put on the clock during our Poker Metaphor Signifying You Have to Act Quickly Round.

1:01:00 – Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle make out with each other for the remainder of the show.

This Week in Poker is broadcasting live from the WSOP every Tuesday at 4:00pm PST. It’s an interactive format where viewers can ask guests questions live in the Ustream chat box or via Twitter and Facebook. Once the WSOP is over, we’ll be doing the show from the This Week Instudios in LA with their slick set up and production crew. With the set up at the Rio, the production/show format’s obviously rough right now, thanks for baring with us over the next few weeks.

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