This Week in Poker Talks Reid Bill with Dave “FTrain” Behr, Dan Michalski

Prepare to get schooled on how the Reid Bill may impact our industry on today's This Week in Poker.

It’s been one of the busier weeks we’ve had since late-2006 as Reid BillTM developments have been an all-consuming roller-coaster.

We break down what we’ve learned and where all of this could be leaving our industry with Dave “Ftrain” Behr (read his blogs on the topic here) and Dan Michalski (read the always excellent Pokerati here, and vote for Wicked Chops Poker for Favorite Blog here) on This Week in Poker at 4pm PT / 7pm ET.

Jess Welman will also breakdown her top / favorite poker headlines of the year.

Watch the show live at 4pm PT / 7pm ET here.

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