This Week in Poker with Jason Calacanis, Dan Druff and Durrrr (Ep. 11)

Solid show yesterday on TWiP.

Full write-up coming later, but this week’s ep featured entrepreneur and Full Tilt red pro Jason Calacanis discussing his experience on the PokerStars Big Game and some insight on how he’d have handled managing the UltimateBet super-user cheating scandal.

On that note, Calacanis was followed by Todd “Dan Druff” Witteles, who shared his UB thoughts plus discussed his Coolio controversy.

Finally, the show wrapped with Tom Dwan talking about his latest Durrrr Challenge.

All that, plus Jess Welman‘s headline. Watch the above vid for more.

UPDATED:  Show details below:

0:00 – Cold Intro

:58 – 3:27 – Show starts, Jason Calacanis says nice things about This Week In Poker.

3:28 – 4:25 – Word from our Sponsors SkullCandy and

4:45 – 15:16 – Poker Headlines with Jess Welman, including the latest with the Durrrr Challenge, poker players petitioning Commerce Casino, updates from the WPT London, EPT Villa-whatever and WSOP-C and the latest on the Sorel Mizzi multi-accounting allegations.

15:17 – 19:59 – Interview with Jason Calacanis begins.

20:00 – 26:34 – Jason talks about his appearance on the Big Game, including one particular hand with Daniel Negreanu, and what other poker shows he may appear on.

26:35 – 31:14 – We ask Jason how he would have handled the UltimateBet super-user scandal if he was running UB right now.

31:15 – 33:30 – Poker Metaphor Signifying You Have To Act Quickly Round with Jason.

33:34 – 53:29 – Interview with Todd “Dan Druff” Witteles about his beef with Joe Sebok over the UltimateBet scandal and the Naked Coolio controversy.

53:30 Interview with Tom “Durrrr” Dwan. Topics discussed include playing on UB, the Durrrr Challenges with Patrik Antonius and Dan “Jungleman12″ Cates, his WSOP bracelet prop bets and how it doesn’t suck to be a rich, young, online poker player with a hot girlfriend.


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