This Week In Poker With Kimberly Lansing and Phil Laak (Ep #10)

Episode 10 of This Week In Poker is now up on YouTube here and iTunes (video/audio).

Guests this week included the always-hot, always-fun Kimberly Lansing, who took a break from her anchor duties on the World Poker Tour to join us in the studio. Also, a banged-up but recovering fast Phil Laak talks in detail for the first time about his gnarly ATV accident as well as an update on his medical condition. Also the Tina Fey of Poker Jess Welman dishes on the latest poker news during her “Poker Headlines with Jess” segment. Finally, This Week in Poker viewer Spartanfox joins us via Skype to tell us what he thinks about Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu publicly dropping the c-word on UB’s Annie Duke.

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Show notes:

0:00 – 4:29 – Show intro, and we discuss who Kimberly Lansing’s celebrity doppelganger is and try to explain our new penis-free Poker Pro Roulette segment.

4:30 – 5:47 – We talk with Kimberly about the WPT Legends of Poker happening at the Bike right now.

5:48 – 8:43 – Kimberly explains her new role at the WPT and how stoked she is to be back.

8:44 – 9:23 – We talk about the players remaining at the Legends of Poker, including Jonathan Little, who actually is eliminated during our show.

9:24 – 10:22 – We talk about our hair.

10:23 – 12:53 – Kimberly talks about The Tickler.

12:54 – 14:59 – We ask Kimberly if she knows who Kevmath is and if she’s seen Layla Kayleigh lately.

15:00 – 17:47 – Kimberly talks about meeting her fiance Zach Hyman on the job and whether she’s taking his last name, which is Hyman.

17:48 – 20:12 – Changes with the WPT she’s excited about and who impressed her during the Raw Deal auditions.

20:13 – 22:14 – The Royal Flush Girls.

22:15 – 28:27 – Poker Metaphor Signifying You Have to Act Quickly Round.

30:50 – 35:30 –  Colin and Chops kill time while waiting for Jess Welman on Skype.

35:31 – 49:27 – Poker Headlines with Jess Welman. Jess joins us live from the Bike to give us the latest poker news, including the whole Daniel Negreanu vs. Annie Duke “f**king c**t fiasco, what’s happening at the WPT Legends of Poker, Sorel Mizzi cheating allegations, PokerStars collusion ring in China, the state of Vinnie Vinh, and the ABC news feature on teenage poker stars.

49:28 – Phil Laak joins us via Skype to talk about his ATV accident in Oregon that sent him to hospital. Lots of gory stuff, big medical words and funny anecdotes, all told with the expected Laak-like poker odds references.

1:13:27 – 1:14:12 – Laak gets philosophical about life.

1:14:13 – We let one of our viewers, SpartanFox, call in via Skype and rant about Daniel Negreanu calling Annie Duke a “F**king c**t.”

1:15:54 – SpartanFox talks about how Negreanu posted an apology to his blog but quickly took it down.

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4 Responses

      • kosh

        August 26, 2010 3:28 pm,

        Scott, you know how I know your’re too sensitive? You got bothered by my little joke. That’s too sensitive.

  1. shamrockbaby

    August 26, 2010 4:17 pm, Reply

    Did Daniel say something that wasn’t true about Annie Duke or women in general? If he did I must have missed it because my entire life experience with women is that they are see you in toledos….

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