This Week In Poker with Liv Boeree + How to Improve WSOP Ratings

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Joining us on This Week In Poker this week was super hot, super cool Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree, who was in town for the NAPT Los Angeles events at the Bike and Crystal Casino. We covered lots of ground with Liv, including the UK poker scene, what makes Jason Mercier so effin good, her deal with PokerStars and how to get more women into poker. Liv also joined in our discussion about steps Harrahs and ESPN can take to address the WSOP rating problems.

Also, hot off her deep run in the NAPT Ladies Event, Jess Welman skypes in to deliver this week’s poker headlines, including the latest at the NAPT Los Angeles, Full Tilt Poker pulling out of Washington State, Peter Eastgate selling his WSOP Main Event bracelet on eBay for charity, Maria Ho signing with UB and the cheating scandal at the Partouche Poker Tour.

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  1. the_male_masseuse

    November 19, 2010 12:36 am, Reply

    Nice show. Chops, should skip a haircut, and, throw Colin 50 bones, for some new Vans.

    The WSOP ratings slide is directly affiliated, to one thing, and ,one thing only….
    ….Collective malaise, from new players, who’ve, popped their cherries/bankrolls, during the “poker boom”. Old-School card players, have, also just got tired of the PRESENTATION. ESPN fucked up.

    The November_Nine is not the Super Bowl of Pokes, rather, draggin’ an episode/cast of Survivor back to “who-gives-a-shit-ville”.

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