This Week In Poker with Prahlad Friedman and Vanessa Selbst

The latest ep of This Week in Poker is up. Watch above or on YouTube here, or download/subscribe on iTunes.

Our first show of 2011 was a packed one. Joining us in the studio was newly signed Team UB pro Prahlad Friedman, who addresses whether he sold out by signing with the poker site that once stole millions from him, the response to his signing from Daniel Negreanu and who else he’d like to see on Team UB.

Later in the show Vanessa Selbst, joined us live from the PCA to talk about being named Wicked Chops Poker Player of the Year and answer viewer questions. And finally, Forbes writer Nathan Vardi skyped in to talk about the seizure of online funds by the Feds in Washington state.

All that plus Jess Welman delivers the Poker Headlines for the week.


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  1. Coop

    January 13, 2011 8:37 am, Reply

    I am disappointed in the Wicked Chops folks on this episode. This is the question that should have been asked…

    “Prahlad, you’re touting the management of UB and how they are on the up and up and are ready to do big things. However, this is the SAME MANAGEMENT THAT METHODICALLY LIED TO YOU AND THE ENTIRE POKER COMMUNITY trying to cover up the scandal. They were caught covering it up and were forced to come clean because of some very smart nerds on 2+2. You are okay with your name being associated with them?”

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