Three Women Among Final 30 at World Poker Open – Pamela Anderson Not One of Them


The World Poker Finals whittled its field down to 30 players today. Among the final 30 are three women. Pamela Anderson is not one of them.

Anderson, the popular actress best known for 1) being stacked with a nearly flawless surgically enhanced rack, and 2) having sex with an elephant sized penis, just ended her affiliation with Pamela Poker, part of Doyle Brunson’s poker network. Sadly, this probably spells the end of Anderson’s foray into poker, meaning we will likely never see her playing in a tournament again, which actually doesn’t change anything, since we’ve never seen her playing in a poker tournament in the first place. Hooray for the status quo!

The same can’t be said for Kathy Liebert, who 1) we can almost certainly count on advancing deep into poker tournaments for quite some time, and 2) also has a nearly flawless surgically enhanced rack*. Liebert sits sixth overall going into Day 3 play with 684,000 in chips. Just in front of her is Mimi Tran with 768,500. Clonie Gowen is 20th overall with 231,500.

Leading everyone is Erik Cajelais, stacked at 1,163,000. Nenad Medic is second with 1,000,500. Other notables include Daniel Negreanu with 261,500. No one else remaining is notable.

Get full chip counts here.

* Complete, utter non-truth. Thems beauts are natural, baby.


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  1. Vaughn Sandman

    November 14, 2006 11:08 am, Reply

    I would like to state for the record that no poker player, pro or amateur, has ever applied an ass-whupping to me like the one I got from Kathy Liebert in a tournament at Commerce a few years back. I was chip leader with 100 left when she sat down on my immediate left and I wound up not even cashing.
    For my money, she is twice the player Annie Duke is (probably twice the person, too) and it’s a shame she gets less cred and pub than she would if she photographed like Vanessa, Carmel etc.
    I’m betting she takes this thing down.

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