Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho Eliminated From The Amazing Race

After a good run, Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho were eliminated from The Amazing Race.

Their downfall ultimately came at something you’d expect a team of women to not do very well with, so it wasn’t too shocking. No, driving wasn’t involved. No, there wasn’t a “Don’t nag for a day” competition. No, there wasn’t an emotional intelligence challenge. And no, the teams weren’t tasked with just shutting the fuck up for five fucking minutes.

Ultimately, a couple of physical tasks (the mallet-ring-the-bell carnival thing and golfing with shoe in 50mph winds) that honestly didn’t seem that fair to stick in a competition with an all women team but then again who said life was fair did them in.

See for yourself in the above vid.

UPDATE: From Maria Hooooooooooooo’s twitter/BJ Nemeth’s comment: “Watch me on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight on CNN at 10 eastern/7 pacific along w/ a great panel of women about “Breaking Into the Boy’s Club!””


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  1. Kajagugu

    November 3, 2009 6:42 am, Reply

    Hey, at least they weren’t eliminated in Ho Chi Min City. There were no “folding” metaphors. And they didn’t play Kenny Roger’s “The Gambler” as they walked away in their farmer underwear…

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