Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho Kill It This Week on The Amazing Race

After either bringing up the rear or just getting lucky in surviving The Amazing Race so far, Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho killed it this week.

Still in Dubai, the girls finished second overall. The alliance they’ve formed with the GayBros. (credit Dr. Pauly’s guest write-up for that term) that seems to be strong. So maybe the girls have a shot?

Side note, the girls had to don swimsuits in the episode that they came down a water slide in and went running down the beach. Except the swimsuit tops were actually their bras. Now, we’ve seen a lot of bras in our time (for about 5 seconds before unhooking them). And we’ve never seen a yellow bra like Maria’s. Interesting. Just when we thought learning something new everyday was going to cease, there goes Maria Ho wearing a yellow bra. Thank you The Amazing Race for that.


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