Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho Take on The Harlem Globetrotters

Watch Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho Show The Globetrotters How To Play Basketball on

Before we get started, yes, the headline of this post sounds like a porn that you may (or may not) care to watch. Probably depends if you’re into A’s, interracials and gangbangs. To which we say: who isn’t? Stuff dreams are made of…

Anyway, Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho continue their post- The Amazing Race media/event tour by suiting up with the Washington Generals in a game against the Harlem Globetrotters.

Now, we never realized this before, but there are some serious racial undertones (or is it overtones?) going on with these Globetrotter games. Like how come the Washington Generals have to be all white? Felt like we were watching an Indiana Pacers game. Are the Globes insinuating that whites aren’t as good at basketball? Or is this just subtle reinforcement of how African-Americans have been keeping “crackers” down all of these years? Troubling to say the least.

Also somewhere in the above vid Tiffany Michelle talks about her poker terminology-drenched appearance on Neil Cavuto.

In somewhat related news, best. dunk. ever. here.


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  1. Dan Generalsfan

    August 29, 2011 2:13 am, Reply

    Ummm the Washington Generals aren’t all white. Case in point, the players IN YOUR VIDEO!

    Seriously, I know that was a tongue in cheek joke but your video kind of ruined the punch line. 

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