Tiffany Michelle Looking Good On Neil Cavuto

Tiffany Michelle

Tiffany Michelle went on Fox Business today to set a world record with Neil Cavuto on most gambling metaphors used during a political discussion.

The 2008 Last Woman Standing at the WSOP Tiffany Michelle, a woman, was on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business show today to talk Obama, politics and poker. Or maybe it was just to look really good, which she did.

Watch the segment here. If you want to have fun watching the video, down a shot of tequila every time Neil or Tiffany uses a gambling metaphor. Guaranteed to have you picking fights with dudes way bigger than you good time.

In related news, new photos of Tiffany below…

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  1. JJ

    January 27, 2010 2:12 pm, Reply

    Her mouth is a little big, but I’d go all in with her. I’d even hope to flop the nuts, or have her lay a bad beat on me. Perhaps if I played my cards right she’d raise my big stack…hardee har har….

  2. The Truth

    January 28, 2010 2:54 pm, Reply

    comes on guys, i love ur site but pls if i see another tiffany michelle pic imma fuckin commit suicide. maria ho is fukin ugly too

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