Tiffany Michelle’s Run on Worst Cooks in America Is Over

Tiffany Michelle was almost Last Woman Standing on Worst Cooks in America too...

Let’s first say this: we’ve never watched any of the cooking competition reality shows. We know they’re huge. We know people love them. We just haven’t watched any.

Having said thatTM, Worst Cooks in America is one of the most popular shows on The Food Network. Because, again, people love cooking shows. Worst Cooks consistently pulls in over 2M viewers (i.e. greater than almost any poker broadcast ever) and a solid .7-8 in the coveted 18-49 demo, even though it features celeb chef Bobby Flay, who is a ginger.

It also happens to run at the same time as The Walking Dead (and now Mad Men), meaning there’s approximately a zero percent chance we’ll end up seeing it, unless of course zombies invade the set and/or TDog joins the cast. So what we’re trying to say in three succinct paragraphs is that we missed most of this season of Worst Cooks in America, which featured former WSOP Main Event Last Woman StandingTM Tiffany Michelle.

However, we did keep up with the season to track Tiffany’s progress. She made it far–eventually getting the ax in Episode 6 (“Something Fishy”).

We talked to Tiffany last month about the season. Here’s what she said, as well as some new pics to boot…

On doing Worst Cooks…

TM: Career wise, I was definitely hesitant about doing something with the word “worst” in it but when life brings you an incredible, crazy experience like that you just gotta go with it. I’m still amazed and so grateful that poker has opened up so many random doors for priceless experiences like this and considering that I’m the black sheep in a family of chefs, this was the perfect way to finally tackle my culinary fears. Getting to hang out with Bobby Flay every day and have him personally teach me how to cook, who gets to do that?! I was stoked to be chosen for his team. He’s actually really into poker, so we quickly bonded. Don’t be surprised if you see him playing the WSOP this year!

 On why people should watch the show…

TM: Even if you’re not into cooking, this show is the kind of entertaining, hilarious, train wreck TV we all love. The cast make the show and I promise you, these people aren’t even playing it up for TV. Erica, for example, was literally that nutty. We’d all just sit back and observe her, it was like the Erica show! Before we did our very first challenge, she dashes by everyone on the blue team, dousing each of our heads and chests with Holy water that had been blessed by a priest. Oddly enough, Libby sort of wiped it off… and whaddya know, she was the first to go. From then on, Erica was my pal!

 On the experience of doing the show…

TM: Everyone is probably gonna think “its JUST cooking” but boot camp was really intense, long hours, a completely foreign language for me… not to mention all 16 of us were then going home and living together in three bedroom, NYC apartment! Believe it or not, I sort of became “the crying girl” on the show.On every level, the experience was way more intense than anything I’ve ever encountered while playing poker – but so eye-opening and empowering. I absolutely love cooking now and feel like my dating life in 2012 will significantly benefit from my newfound skills. Clearly I now know the way to both a man’s heart… and wallet!

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