Tiffany Williamson Will Not Suck You Out This Year

We here at Wicked Chops Poker are sad.

Before we even got the chance to take some snaps of Tiffany Williamson, whom we’d never ever seriously call a bitch, she busted out.

Crazy Bitch.

Here’s how it happened, courtesy of (i.e. stolen from) Card Player. And note, apparently she’s still into going into the tank for extended periods of time, much to the delight of her table we’re sure.

Mark Shoichet raises preflop to $600 and Tiffany Williamson makes the call.  The flop comes 9-4-3 and Shoichet bets $600.  Williamson raises to $3,000 and Shoichet goes all-in.  Williamson then asks Shoichet, "Do you have trips?"  After 5 minutes, Shoichet calls the clock on Williamson.  She calls and turns over 10-10.  Shoichet has K-K and the board bricks out for Williamson, who is eliminated early on in the championship event. Fucking Crazy Bitch*.

Others now busted include 10-time bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, Shannon Elizabeth, Gavin Smith, Todd Brunson, and Dax Shepard, who although he flopped a straight flush (and dropped an f-bomb when he did, incurring a 10 minute penalty), couldn’t manage to win another pot.

* Last line of Card Player report fabricated.


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