TIME Magazine Wants Children to Play Poker

TIME Magazine, a print publication that up until this week we thought just covered clock-making and political issues surrounding hot button topics like daylight savings, this week examines a growing trend in America: parents who encourage their kids to play poker.

Teen_poker0923And here’s the kicker: while the article does briefly mention "supposed" cons of youths playing poker, like addictions that lead to bank robberies, or specifically, the Greg Hogan, Jr. story, for the most part, teens playing poker is presented in a positive light. As TIME notes, with the start of another school year, "poker is resuming its place as one of the most popular and socially accepted activities in teenagers’ lives."

And parents? They’re aiding and abetting the teen poker trend. Says TIME:

Many parents are saying that their kids get real-life lessons from playing poker with one another. Keeping track of the odds and the cards can help sharpen math skills without the kids even knowing it. And perhaps more important for teenage boys, who studies show lag in the development of their emotional intelligence, poker provides personal interaction.

Not discussed is how the development of teenage boys’ emotional intelligence may actually end up helping them figure out more effective ways to get into teenage girls’ pants. Huge benefit. Just huge. It’s like poker is a gift that just keeps on giving or something.

Read the full article here.

* Illustration from TIME by C.F. Payne


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