To Play On Celebrity Poker Showdown Don’t You Need To Actually Be A Celebrity?

Celebpoker_2Celebrity Poker Showdown has just released its line-up of "celebrities" playing in the new Phil Hellmuth-hosted season.  Let’s just say the line-up isn’t so much a "Who’s-Who" list of A-listers as it is a list of “Who-The-Hell-Is-That?”

So open up another browser, get google cue’d or IMDB-ing, and look up these modern day cultural icons participating in this season’s Celebrity Poker Showdown:

Jorge Garcia, Andrea Martin, Greg Behrendt, Kim Coles,  Jamie Bamber, Susie Essman, Rocco Dispirito, Jordan Peele, Keegan-Michael Key, Christopher Meloni, and Joy Behar.

Apparently, Adrian Zmed was unavailable.


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  1. tj

    May 5, 2006 4:56 am, Reply

    adrian zmad…maybe they should have an all “Bachelor Party” reunion showdown. bring back the little guy with the mustache and the tranny he hooked up with, let the fireworks fly.

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