Tobey Maguire Looks Like a Lemur, Busts Out

Tobeymaguire1At right is one of the only photos of Tobey Maguire from the 2007 WSOP Main Event where he isn’t covering his face. And for what it’s worth, if we didn’t know that was Tobey Maguire, and we saw this guy in a dark alley, we’d fucking run. Fast.

As one of poker’s biggest and best celeb player, Maguire once again refused to be photographed or interviewed during his WSOP run. He turned down the opportunity to be at the ESPN featured table with Sully Erna. He tried to dodge every photograph, even as Tobeymaghis deep run increasingly became a legitimate news story. He also turned down requests (via his publicist) for interviews.

It’s unfortunate for poker, as Maguire’s celebrity and skills could bring the game a bundle of positive media attention and credibility.

He busted out in 292 place, banking $39,445. Godsmack singer Sully Erna just busted as well, earning his second straight Main Event cash.

In related news, Lemurs make up the infraorder Lemuriformes and are members of a class of primates known as prosimians . This type of primate was considered the evolutionary predecessor of simians: monkeys and apes, however this classification is not phylogenetically ‘valid’. Three of the four prosimians are in the suborder Strepsirrhini, which is not the same suborder as monkeys and apes, suborder Haplorrhini. The term "lemur" is derived from the Latin word lemures, meaning "spirits of the night," and likely refers to the large, reflective eyes which many of the nocturnal lemur species have. The term is generically used for the members of the four lemuriform families, but it is also the genus of one of the lemuriform species, the Ring-tailed Lemur (Lemur catta). The two so-called flying lemur species are not lemurs, nor are they even primates.


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