Today’s Card Player “LIKE YOU WERE THERE” Moment

Earlier today Dr. Pauly eloquently stated: “complaining about the lackluster official live coverage at Card Player…is utterly futile.”

Cardplayer_1_1While we understand where Pauly is coming from, we unfortunately must disagree with his assessment. See, we here at Wicked Chops Poker think that nobody provides more entertaining WSOP coverage than the good folks over at Card Player. Where else on the entire planet can you find perfectly polished written gems like:

1) “At table 119 action has slowed considerably. Most of the poker is being played pre-flop with players raising, facing a re-raise and then folding.” 2) “Nearly every type of poker animal inhabited the Rio‚Äôs Amazon Room and the sights, sounds, and yes, even smells, transformed the massive convention area into a veritable poker jungle.” OR EVEN 3) “It was a day filled with fast action, bad beats, suck outs and lucky draws.”

2_3Believe us, we’ve tried to come up with stuff like that, but like eating 28 Krystal burgers in a two minute span, it’s just not something we can physically do.

So while it’s really difficult to disagree with an esteemed colleague like Pauly, we have been left with no choice. Not when Card Player persistently provides Pulitzer Prize winning prose like the following:

After eating his food (it was most likely spinach), Clements decided to finish his opponents off for dessert: He rivered a flush to knock Corpuz out in fourth place ($68,006), and hit a straight on fifth street to send Brent Carter to the rails in third place ($77,722).

We aren’t betting men, except replace “aren’t” with “are,” but we’d be willing to bet Pauly changes his tune after reading today’s LYWTMTM.


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  1. Drizztdj

    July 19, 2006 8:17 am, Reply

    These “Like you were there” moments have the creative quality of stating something like “I saw boobs” while in a strip club.
    Does Cardplayer have a fortune cookie machine shooting out these gems?

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