Today’s Card Player “LIKE YOU WERE THERE” Moment

Yesterday, we promised a 4th of July/fireworks themed "Like You Were There" Moment (or LYWTMTM, as it’s known by industry-types now). It seemed perfectly fitting that Card Player would go that way. In fact, we’d have been shocked had they not.

Lvnewyear_1However, as FOWCP BJ Nememth made us realize, maybe Card Player would be doing a grave disservice to the U-S-of-A by NOT going all Americana on us with a lead-in line like "The fireworks were really going off today at the Rio…" If you truly love and believe in America like we do, then you almost must go the "fireworks" route, cliches be damned!

So after very little effort to find a 4th of July inspired text snippet, we abandoned our search, resigned to the fact that Card Player magazine is still just a bunch of commies*.

However, in our disappointment at their un-patriotism, we began to wonder something of greater importance. And that something of greater importance is this: Is Card Player on to us?

The past 24 hours have seen such a blatant and utter outpouring of LYWTMs that they must, MUST be taunting us. There is no other explanation.

We can just see it now, each Card Player intern coming up with something more outrageous than the next, laughing hysterically as they place prop bets on who gets to be the LYWTM. Commie bastards.

How else can you describe something like this, as sent to us by FOWCP Slim:

Minh Nguyen Hits Quads
Minh Nguyen hits quad nines early in here in this young stud tournament and takes down a $200 pot.

"…young stud tournament"? Listen, we don’t know what’s going on at Kobayashihotdogthe Rio, and quite frankly, we don’t wanna know. Cause a "young stud tournament" doesn’t sound like poker, or at least the form of poker we have grown to love. Trust us, when we were younger, we were asked to participate in many "young stud tournaments" by various uncles, priests, and PE teachers. While flattered, we all knew, even at the tender age of 8, that it was something we absolutely would regret one day when we were older. Even then, we were masterful prognosticators.

However, believe it or not, that gem isn’t even our LYWTM today. Our eyes nearly hit our iMacs as we read the beauty below, a LYWTM that, even at this early stage of the WSOP, might not be topped. Is this LYWTM tantamount to DiMaggio’s 56, Ripken’s 2,632, and Kobayashi’s 53 3/4? As that song from Asia once said, "only time will tell."

Math Wizard Wins 2006 WSOP Limit Hold’em Bracelet 
Day 2 of $2,000 Omaha and $5,000 No Limit Hold’em Kicks Off 
A limit final table, a $5,000 buy-in event and Omaha — oh my! Nearly every type of poker animal inhabited the Rio’s Amazon Room and the sights, sounds, and yes, even smells, transformed the massive convention area into a veritable poker jungle.

*Not actual communists.


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  1. beans

    July 6, 2006 6:08 am, Reply

    I just threw up a little in my mouth, fortunately it was delicious Fuze White Tea.
    Hang on…was that a Wizard of Oz reference, or the lesser known musical Oz?
    Q: If you could be any “poker animal” what would it be?
    A: Oooo, good question… I might have to say a “jack”-al…no, wait…a “king” snake!

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