Today’s Card Player “LIKE YOU WERE THERE” Moment

Americanflag_1Ok. Wicked Chops Poker might’ve taken the 4th of July weekend off. We did this because we love America. And we still believe in America. We love and believe in America more than the guy at the beginning of GF1 who said "I believe in America" believes in America.

So it wouldn’t have been right to have worked that hard over the 4th of July weekend. Not if you love America. Not if you still believe in America.

Of course, if we were communists, well then sure, we probably would’ve worked our collective butts off this weekend. But we’re not communists.

Hammer_and_sickleFortunately, there are still hardcore communists like the communists over at Card Player magazine* who worked their hammer and sickles to the grindstone this weekend. And this is good, because lots of good poker was played, and somebody had to cover it ("live").

So fortunately for us and you, there was a treasure trove of beautiful put-you-in-the-middle–of-the-action–moments to choose from over the past few days. But we really feel the gem below best sums up everything you might’ve missed while you were grilling and chilling and singing yankee doodle dandy.

Joenamath_suzykolber But before we get to "the moment," we’ll keep you on the edge of your seats Moonlighting style and delay the big payoff for just un momento by saying this: "We are absolutelypositively100%sure that Card Player will have some sort of ‘The fireworks were really going off as action continued at the Rio…’ type write-up for today’s action, and when we find it, we will surely make it our next "moment." In fact, if you find a 4th of July/fireworks themed write-up, please make our lives a little easier by emailing the link to You are the best. We mean it. We really mean it. In fact, like Broadway Joe once said, "We want to kiss you/We really want to kiss you".

Mon Jul 03 14:45:00 PDT 2006
Big Time Table
Currently Mike Matusow, Mel Judah, David Chiu, and Marco Traniello are all sitting at the same table.  With all the experience spread throughout these players’ history, table talk consists of many legendary tournaments and events.  Most recently, Matusow was discussing his experience in the recent Tournament of Champions.

*Not really communists.


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  1. BJ Nemeth

    July 5, 2006 5:43 am, Reply

    I have to warn you — I used the pathetic fireworks analogy in the opening of my July 4th summary on It should be posted by noon on Wednesday (I already sent it in).
    Yes, it was too easy. And yes, it’s too cheesy. But when it’s really late and you’re looking for an opening other than “Event #9 started today,” it gets the job done.
    One last thing — I want to make it VERY clear that I am NOT working for Card Player this year. I actually offered to help with live updates, tournament reports, photography, or anything else they needed, but they turned me down. They said their team was set and ready without me.
    Yes, they said that. I’m not sure if they meant it, but that’s what they said. They consider 25+ untrained interns to be “set and ready.”
    Now they are scrambling, wondering what went wrong. I’ve signed on to work with Pokerwire (translating CP’s horribly-written updates to as part of Full Tilt’s sponsorship deal with CP), and I’m writing daily reports for about the action on Days 1 and 2.
    Keep up the great work at Wicked Chops, guys. I really look forward to the pick-me-up I get whenever I stop by.

  2. snake

    July 5, 2006 8:47 am, Reply

    great stuff BJ and look forward to catching up with ya soon in Vegas. Btw, we also should have said that anyone who did NOT use a fireworks analogy must not love America and must not believe in America and is thus a communist.

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