Today’s Card Player “LIKE YOU WERE THERE” Moment

Cardplayer_1As you may or may not know, Card Player magazine has the exclusive rights to real-time coverage for all events at the 2006 World Series of Poker. That means no one but Card Player can report live on the hand-by-hand action at this year’s WSOP. Who else can? No one. And as we all know, no one reports live tournament action quite like Card Player. Again, who else? No one.

So as a service to you, but in no way servicing you, every day during the 2006 World Series of Poker, time permitting, and per our motivation (and barring any legal action), Wicked Chops Poker will pluck a line from one of Card Player’s recaps or live reports and share it here with you so that you can experience the live action exactly as if you were right there inside the Rio’s massive convention hall. Yes, thanks to Card Player’s captivating and insightful reports, we’ll be able to showcase in one brief snippet the essence of what it’s like to be smack dab in the middle of all the action, where the cards are tossed, chips are stacked and lives are forever changed. We’ll find that one nugget that encapsulates a day’s action, a critical hand, or an emerging poker personality.¬†Because as a poker fan, you deserve at least that much. If not more.
With that in mind, here is today’s Card Player “LIKE YOU WERE THERE” moment:¬†

“It was a day filled with fast action, bad beats, suck outs and lucky draws.”



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