Today’s Card Player “LIKE YOU WERE THERE” Moment

It’s on a very rare occasion that you read something and realize, almost instantly, that the words your eyes are scanning mark a new watershed in literary greatness.

Cardplayer_1_6 If the entities that comprise Wicked Chops Enterprises LLC actually read books, this is the paragraph where we’d list a few past examples. Still, we’re sure it’s a rare occasion this happens. Gotta be.

So it was with unexpected delight that when reading the latest issue of the Daily, we came across the most perfectly written sentence to ever convey what a mood was like after official WSOP payouts were announced. Never–EVER–in the history of literature will a sentence capture the mood of what it was like after official WSOP payouts were announced quite like this. Ever.

Not surprisingly, given the stakes, the prevailing mood was somber and quiet—except when a big pot was raked, of course—an atmosphere at least equal parts triumph and disappointment.

For an added bonus, the Daily included a quiz in this issue. Check it out after the jump…


Our answer: It’s the one on the right! The one that doesn’t look like a cardboard cut-out! Did we get it right?!

Also, we just realized that Freddy Deeb clearly must be the greatest hobbit to ever play poker.


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