Today’s Card Player “LIKE YOU WERE THERE” Moment

When we first entered the WSOP media room, we immediately noticed a slick four-page newsletter called Card Player Daily. In it, Card Player provides recapped news of the previous day’s events. Daily. (Note: It is also available to you online.)

"Wait, MORE Card Player enjoyment available to us on a daily basis? What, is this Christmas? Or as Jewish people like to call it, Hanukkah?" we thought.

So while these aren’t necessarily LYWTM’sTM in the traditional sense, the spirit of what a LYWTM is lives strongly in the headlines provided to describe Events #29 (won by John Gale) and #30 (that Madsen kid who hates everyone).

A Gale-Force Win:
John Gale Win [sic] Event #29

Youth v. [sic] Experience: Youth Wins
Jeff Madsen Wins Second Bracelet in Event #30


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