Today’s Card Player “LIKE YOUR WERE THERE” Moment

If there’s one thing Wicked Chops Poker doesn’t have, it’s patience. We have millions of dollars, corporate jets, yachts docked at our Martha’s Vineyard estates, hearty-sized “endowments” that our beautiful wives enjoy when we’re hoyt corkin’ ’em. Really we have everything grown men could ever wish for…except patience.

Which may explain, at least according to Card Player, why we have never advanced to the final two tables of a WSOP event.

Axl_04_jpgSee, the thing is, patience is a lot like facts…it’s just something that gets in the way. Or that’s what we thought at least until the worldly and wise talisman Axl Rose came around to show us differently. If you recall, as Axl Rose once said in a song about patience titled “Patience”: “Said, woman, take it slow/ It’ll work itself out fine/ All we need is just a little patience/ Said, sugar, make it slow/ And we come together fine/ All we need is just a little patience/ [whisper] patience/ Mm, yeah…mmmmm yeah.”

AxlbrawlSo maybe Wicked Chops Poker just needs a little patience to go along with the money, planes, yachts, dongs and wives.

So why should we listen to Card Player when Axl Rose seems to be such the authority? As far as we know, Card Player has never written a song about patience. Rose, on the other hand, not only talked the talked, but recently walked the walk by truly showing his patience when lil’ fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger unleashed a flurry of furious little girly fists on Axl because the former great G n’ R frontman moved the current terrible fashion designer’s girlfriend’s drink, or something.

Then again, maybe Rose isn’t the authority, because he showed the exact opposite of patience when he bit a security guard’s leg in Sweden. What is Axl, a fucking dog?

Anyway, all of this has left us utterly confused. Our minds are spinning. If you can’t trust Axl Rose, then who can you trust? And with nowhere else to turn, we are forced to look to Card Player for advice on patience. Luckily, their advice is weaved into a gripping and unforgettable recount of events that took place in the Rio convention center yesterday. Luckily.

Wed Jun 28 21:47:00 PDT 2006
Play and Crowds Tighten Tables

As crowds begin to close-in tightly around the final two tables, play begins to tighten as well. At this point, every place matters, as players begin keeping watchful eyes admist their opponent’s current stacks. Patience is invaluable at this stage in the tournament.


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