Tom Grant Was In It For the Money

PhillaakLast Friday angry Thai tour guide Tom Grant promised to update with juicy new details about his Phil Laak murder-for-hire allegations and heroin smuggling operations.

The deadline came and went, and went, and went…and nothing.

In some more excellent work by Bill Rini, turns out that Laak "compensated" Grant to shut him up. Grant originally said that his motivation for trashing Laak was all about revenge and had nothing to do with money. But as is almost always the case, it actually had everything to do with money.

As Rini points out:

What needs to be said is how this not being about money was suddenly solved by money. In fact, that seems to be a recurring theme with Tom Grant.

So if we are to believe Tom’s story we can assume the following:

a) Tom ripped off Phil for $15K on a heroin deal.
b) Tom then split the $15K Phil paid the hitman with the hitman.
c) Tom extorted further money from Phil using threats of going public with the story.

Read Rini’s full post here. Read about a family with a paraplegic who says Tom Grant and his company Adventure Holiday Thailand ripped them off here. For more pics of hot girls from Thailand, here.


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