TOMS Chief Shoe-Giver Once Started Online Poker Site

If you watched the MastersTM at all last week, you definitely saw the AT&T commercial for TOMS with "Chief Shoe-Giver" Blake Mycoskie (video below).

Talk about a turn-around. Four years ago this same guy was a driving force behind (read more about it here), a site that gave "men what they really want: the green, the girls, the glory." Started in conjunction with UltimateBet, it eventually went the way of other poker DoDo bird sites like Poker Blue and Duplicate Poker

Blake used to walk around in nice suits wearing a green bow-tie (which, much like having Scott Lazar involved in producing your film, is never a good idea). Now embracing his inner-tree-hugger, Blake is giving away shoes to needy kids.

Good stuff/good for him. Hopefully this means the unfortunately-named Anurag Dikshit will be curing cancer soon.


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