Tony G is Getting Slim(mer)

TonygworkingoutNot to say that a lot of poker players are fat from sitting around on their asses playing poker with their sausage fingers eating KFC all day but let’s just say that there are a lot of them who could lose a few lbs, and by few we mean a lot. Like shed the weight of small child. Or three.

And we won’t name names. That ain’t cool . . . to Erica Schoenberg’s boyfriend.

So it’s good to hear that self-proclaimed plus-size poker pro Tony G is planning on taking a break from live tournaments to focus on getting fit by swimming, lifting weights, playing tennis and the newest fitness craze, betting on pari-mutuels. In his latest video blog, the and now guru even filmed himself doing all these things, which you can watch here and which we first read about here.

In related news, we learned today that the term “fitness model” doesn’t always mean “stripper” or “girl who gets naked in magazines.” Amazingly, sometimes it actually does mean fitness model. Case in point the athletically hot Kim Strothers, who you can watch do her Swiss ball workout here or her squats, lunges and push up video here or her jump rope video here or her triceps dip video here. And all of her other videos. You really could make a day out of watching her videos. We did.


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