Tony G New Robin Hood of Poker, Makes Life Better For Future Hot Orphans

Adr11Listen, just because we disavowed the concept of "charity" years ago/never avowed it in the first place, that doesn’t mean that "charity" and its less attractive sister, "philanthropy," aren’t good things for the world. Especially when charities involve helping Russian orphanages.

Everyone knows Russia is home to some of the world’s hottest models and mail-order brides. So anything we can do to provide a better life for these future hotties is of critical importance, right up there with fighting global warming and eradicating starvation.

Enter emerging health nut Tony G.

Taking a (much sexier) page from the Barry Greenstein philanthropy book, G has decided to donate all of his winnings from the first ever Moscow Millions poker tournament to Russian orphanages picked by poker professionals. In our opinion, this puts G past Keeley Hazell on any potential Nobel Prize awards list, because what G is doing could help produce many, many Keeley Hazells. Bravo.

In related news, Tony G won the first Moscow Millions poker tournament. Read more here. In further related news, more pictures of Russian model Adriana Sklenarikova (i.e. Exhibit A on why we need to donate to Russian orphanages) here.


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  1. Keving

    January 25, 2009 11:59 am, Reply

    I have been to Ukraine at least 8 or 9 times, both free-lancing it and also with other agencies. None came close to the service and value provided by Mordinsons. First and foremost, they are extremely honest. What they say is what they do, and they are reliable.
    All the ladies that I asked to meet, I met. And they are all real. My head was spinning, there were so many to meet and available.
    Michael keeps the days moving, for sure, as we go from date to date. He keeps the first meetings just long enough to get to know each other, with the options open for more if both parties concur. And during the dates, he knows just what to say to make things comfortable for both. Conversation flows smoothly, even though in two languages!
    As far as the apartments, I have never stayed in such a nice place in Ukraine! No hotel has even come close for comfort and cleanliness! Privacy, convenient location…it has it all. Even a bakery next door, and a restaurant, lounge, and coffee shop…all in a secure area. The value is worth every penny, I have always ended up spending more when I freelance, and I end up wasting a lot of time.

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