Too Bad She’s Not Asian

Daniel Negreanu is stunned that he finds himself attracted to a girl whose last name isn't Nguyen, Tran, or something that sounds like bing or bong.

Daniel Negreanu is stunned to find himself attracted to a girl whose last name isn't Nguyen, Tran, Ming, Minh, Le, Lui, Yeh, Su, Chung, Chin, or Chan. He likes Asians, people.

We’re quickly becoming big fans of Brittany Bowman.

She’s quickly catapulting herself into potential Girls on the Rail Hall of Fame first-ballot inductee terrority (voting in two weeks).

Yeah her skin is perfect. And her smile is perfect. And don’t get us started on her rack again. And she probably smells like spring mountain Tide. Or a really good smelling Fabreeze. Like, when she sweats, it doesn’t smell like sweat. It smells like clean.

When Brittany isn’t railbirding or playing poker, she spends time in her home state of Arkansas, where you can find the 21 year-old skipping through fields of daisies during the day, licking ice cream cones after dinner, and gently caressing other Southern belles in the cool breeze at night in our minds.

UPDATE: Contrary to Gambling 911 reports, Daniel and Brittany are not dating. They don’t even know each other.


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  1. d3wayne

    June 30, 2009 4:21 pm, Reply

    Brittany Bowman gets my vote, And not just because i am from the beautiful state of Arkansas too. And yes all the girls in Arkansas are this good looking.

  2. brianguy

    July 1, 2009 11:00 am, Reply

    they’re his height, what do you want? haha give a guy a break…

    this blonde’s OK, I’m sure she’s just some random fan, no?

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