Top 10 People Who Hate WCP – Part II

Last week we discussed why Dayne Baverman, Al Qaeda, David Williams, Nickelback, Demi Moore & Gisele Bunchen, and students at Northern Marianas "College" hated us.  Now, the epic conclusion of the Top 10 People Who Hate Wicked Chops Poker…

Anna_benson_long5. Ja Rule – A last minute addition to our list, Ja Rule is. After our post over the weekend, we are sure he would diss us in a rap…if he knew how to diss…or how to rap.  Even worse, the most pub Ja has received recently is from our article poking fun at his new poker site, which then got fed to this Clay Aiken fan site. Since this Aiken fan site apparently is so well-read that it will be our new Top Referrer by the end of the week, it’s highly probably that Claymates or Clayiacs or whatever the hell they’re called have suddenly and unexpectedly provided Ja with even more non-fans than he has ever had before.

4. Anna Benson – We love Anna Benson of  Seriously, we do.  So what if she’s a (publicity) whore? We don’t care. This ex-stripper is getting paid. Listen, it’s not like she’s sore on the eyes. And she likes poker. And would let a whole team of ballplayers poke her if her on-again-off-again hubby ever cheated on her. What’s not to like?

3. The Stupid Poker Criminals Hall of Fame – While much less threatening than say, the Legion of Doom, the Stupid Poker Criminals Hall of Fame still has some clout. Jace Moore, Steve McCewan, Cindy Streets, and Ryan Bisson have proven that crime doesn’t pay…especially if you’re some white trash dumbfuck soiling the great game of poker.

Chris_shilts_12. Chris Shilts, the ultimate Stupid Poker Criminal – Speaking of white trash…Chris Shilts, the chairman of the Stupid Poker Criminal Hall of Fame, was one of our first big, big stories. To recap: Shilts is the 29-year-old owner of Salt Lake City poker supply store ‚ÄúCards, Chips and More," which a year ago suffered two fires in just one week. Officials immediately suspected arson, and some even suggested that an arsonist with a grudge against poker could be out on the loose.  As more details came out, it became very obvious that Chris was behind it all, and is a very bad man to boot, despite what his mother thinks.

Tiffany_williamson1. Tiffany "Crazy Bitch" Williamson – We feel bad about this.  For real.  We had no idea that a little commentary on the play of this Crazy Bitch would end up being our most read, most popular article.  Tiffany Williamson is not a bad person.  In fact, from all appearances, she’s a great person.  But man, that bitch is crazy.  And if anyone we’ve doused with verbal fire this past year has a right to hate us, it’s certainly her.  She hates us so much, she’ll probably call our all-in and crack our pocket aces with a K-Jo.  She’d do that, cause she’s fucking crazy. 


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  1. chad k.

    June 1, 2006 4:44 am, Reply

    still a work in progress…
    I Hate you More
    forget that publicity whore
    I hate you more!
    forget that crazy bitch
    my hatred for you makes me twitch
    and my XL man sack itch
    i need to go to the store
    i hate you more!

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