Top Dog: Ayre Looking for Next Poker Phenom

Screw the Bachelor (not in the literal sense, though).  Survivor…so five years ago.  The Apprentice…well, you know.

Finally, a reality show that can live up to the brilliance of Temptation Island, Season 2

Luiza1_1_1Yes, Bodog has decided to get real.

Like Daniel Negreanu, Bodog is looking for the next big poker talent.  But here’s the big difference between the two shows, try to guess which is which: 1) Show #1 you get to hang with a skinny little guy who, while very cool/funny/amiable, is not a bunch of barely clothed girls on a Costa Rican compound, or 2) on Show #2 you get to hang out with a bunch of barely clothed girls (like Bodog Holiday babe Luiza Madejak at right) on a paradise-ical Costa Rican compound while playing against numerous celebs and pros.

Show #2 is the Bodog one.

Calvinnation03small_2With the new Hef, Calvin Ayre (at left), at the hosting helm, 20 poker hopefuls will compete against 10 celebrities (Estella Warren and Shannon Elizabeth, anyone?) and 10 pros for a winner-take-all prize of $500,000.  All selected contestants be flown down to Costa Rica (land of online gaming, hookers, and internships) and get set up at the Bodog Compound.

The six-episode show will be taped in March and begin airing on Saturday nights, starting April 15th, from 11:00 p.m – 1:00 a.m. (EST).

Says Calvin Ayre, "Poker and television — combined with Bodog-style entertainment — will make for one heck of a show, and our next step into the world of reality TV."


Apply online by Feb 17.  And read more about the show by clicking this underlined blue line.


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  1. James

    February 14, 2006 9:02 am, Reply

    WHAT A JOKE! Did you see the last show Bodog produced…? That’s right, no one did. No one wants to air their show so they have to buy ad time at midnight on FSN! That’s a third rate network! There is no way you can produce 6 episodes in 8 days of shooting and have it good… Survivor takes months to plan, the real world shoots for 6 months – this is just a PR campagn without the hard commercial sell. You’re only doing this show to produce your god awful talent like Bif Naked and your bodog girls… why not just cut to it and do porn? Calvin try not to talk on your show… you sound a bit swisher sweet.

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