Tournament Rake: Tilly Takes Two, Kahaner Licks Legends

Till_copy_1Hmm…Bruce Willis, Don Johnson, and Lindsey Lohan should take a cue from Chad Brown, Tobey Maguire, and Jennifer Tilly.  Playing winning poker is the new releasing god-awful albums for actors.

While essesntially only a six-person SNG (and minus some of the world’s best women players like Harmon, Violette, and Duke), Tilly won the latest WPT Ladies Night event, besting Cecelia Mortensen and Isabelle Mercier, among others.  Ms. Unabomber is clearly listening to the advice of her boyfriend.  With a WSOP bracelet and a WPT title, Tilly has had more hits in the card room in 2005 than she’s had in the theater since, like, ever.

The 2005 Legends of Poker championship event (held at the Bicycle Casino in LA) just wrapped, with Alex Kahaner of Van Nuys (aka America’s porn capital) taking the title.  Tim Phan continued his recent strong run of play and finished 4th.  Other notables included Cyndy Violette (22nd), Paul Phillips (24th), Andy Bloch (30th), Gabe Kaplan (35th), Carlos Mortensen (36th), Jim McManus (56th), and Jennifer Harmon (61st).   


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