Trojans Used to See Hole Cards Swipe Millions from Online Poker Players

Online poker players getting hacked by trojan cheatsA story at just came out today claiming that millions of dollars are being stolen from online poker players without many of them even knowing it.

Mikko Hyppönen, a software security experts, claims:

“Online poker players are a massive target for hackers . . . We were just investigating a case where a professional online poker player was attacked by someone he would play against regularly online. And we’re talking about professional players, and big money. Hundreds of thousands of euros on the table at a time.”

Hyppönen says that the one player lost hundreds of thousands of euros over a short time to some suspicious play, and when they investigated what was happening, they realized that the player’s software had been hacked so that another player could see his hole cards.

“[W]hen we looked into it we realised that one of the other players at the table had sent him a tool. A calculater to help optimise the poker playing or whatever. And we found that the application included a Trojan.”

“Which means that when he was playing online poker against these people who were in another country, the guy could press a button and he would receive a screenshot of the target’s screen. So he sees the hold cards. If you’re playing poker and the other players know your cards, it’s pretty hard to win.”

Read the full article here.

In related news, and really good news if you’re a punk ass, scum-of-the-earth cyber criminal, people you don’t even know are still stupid enough to download applications from you. Hack away!


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