Try Busting A Nguyen Without Busting Your Bankroll

MenthemasterIf you’re hanging out in a Jocks and Jills around Atlanta next Saturday, that "I bluff you with 8-3, baby!" or "Your Ace King is no good!"  you hear isn’t coming from ESPN’s ten thousandth replay of the WSOP.  Nope, you’ll be hearing that and many other beer-induced-broken-English hilarities from two of poker’s all-time greats: Men ‚ÄúThe Master‚Äù Nguyen and Scotty Nguyen.

The two Vietnamese-born pros will be playing a free tournament at the Jocks & Jills in Alpharetta to raise money for their charity, the Vietnamese Children’s Fund. Proceeds raised from the event will be used to build schools and playgrounds in Phanthiet, Vietnam–the Master’s hometown. 

The event starts at 5pm on August 13thYou must pre-register to play at

To top it all off, you’ll have a chance to meet Madeline Ungar and Stefanie Ungar, widow and daughter of arguably the greatest NLH player of all-time, Stu Ungar.  They’re in town to promote the book, ‚ÄúOne Of A Kind‚Äù (by Nolan Dalla with Peter Alson).   


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