Tuan Lam to Build Temple in Vietnam with WSOP Winnings

Tuan Lam WSOP runner-upThe Mississauga News is reporting today that Tuan Lam (at right), the Vietnamese poker player living in Canada who finished second in the 2007 WSOP Main Event, is planning to buid a temple back home in Vietnam with a portion of the $4.8 million he won.

“Right now, I already have bought the land and everything . . . The only thing now is I wait for the government to accept me to build the temple there. As long as I get permission from them, I build right away.”

“It will be a place to pray, and especially I will store food in there in case people need it. Every month I would donate food to people; that’s my goal.”

Finally a poker player who is doing exactly what we would do with that big of a prize, except our temple would be a little different, not much, just a tad, in that it would have three 50 foot statues, one of each Entity, like you’d see in some Indiana Jones flick just to remind everyone who they should be grateful for every single day. Ok, perhaps that would be a bit too much. Maybe 40 foot statues. But made out of gold. Would have to be gold or maybe platinum and encrusted with precious gems and stuff..just to show some serious gratitude because no one likes it when people are ungrateful. It’s selfish.

In related news, 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Jarah Mariano isn’t Vietnamese but Tila Tequila is and they kind of look alike except Jarah is way hotter ’cause she isn’t a midget. Enjoy the Jarah Mariano photos below (click to enlarge) and after the jump…

2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Jarah Mariano 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Jarah Mariano


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