Two November Nine Hostages Among Top Three in Chips at WPT Legends of Poker

Two of these guys may make the WPT Legends of Poker...and the black guy isn't one of them.

Two of these people may make the WPT Legends of Poker...

Day 3 wrapped at the WPT Legends of Poker with two November NineTM hostages among the big stacks. 

Davidson Matthew Club member Todd Terry ended play as chip leader, stacked at 850,000. He’s followed by N9’er s Kevin Schaffel (728,000) and Steven Begleiter (617,000). Chalk up a victory for the anonymous middle-aged upper-class white guy. About time our group caught a break. Yes we can!

The 24 remaining will come back today and play down to the final table. Notables remaining include James Mackey, a ginger (608,000), Toto Leonidas (456,000), Prahlad Friedman (451,000), Eric Hershler (180,000), and Carter King (119,000). No one else remaining is notable.

Get full chip counts here.


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