Two Years Too Late Movie Review: High Roller

B00070q7veHopefully this movie review catches you, our reader, before you’re flipping through channels this week, get to Starz, happen to see, "High Roller: The Stu Ungar" story is on, then think to yourself, "You know, I’ve never seen this movie before. I like poker. Why not, nothing else on…" and end up wasting anywhere between 90 seconds and 90 minutes of your life watching something so terrible, there really isn’t a word to describe how bad it is, so we’ll just go with "shit."

Not really sure where to start. Michael Imperioli doesn’t even attempt to channel Stu Ungar, unless Stu Ungar walked/talked/acted exactly like Christopher Moltisanti from the Sopranos, which from what we’ve seen of Ungar, he didn’t, at all. We’d go into more in-depth analysis about the cinematography and directing, but having only seen about 10 minutes of the movie before yelling profanities at the TV and throwing hard objects at the wall as a form of tension release, we don’t have much more to say. So let’s just close by stating that in some ways High Roller is like Ray or Walk the Line, overrated biopics that just scan the high points in a talented person’s life without really diving too deep into what made the character tick, except with one glaring difference being that those movies were at least well acted, directed, and produced (and had killer music), while everything about High Roller fucking sucked.


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  1. Waynebullet

    October 28, 2006 9:59 am, Reply

    When I saw the box, I knew what I was getting, a made for TV movie. It was just like the Heidi Fleiss movie.
    Maybe someday, now that all of Hollywood is in to poker, we will get a really good movie. Rounders sets the bar, it is not too high to make it over though. Don’t get me wrong Rounders is one of my favorite movies, but it can be better.

  2. Rob

    November 3, 2006 2:30 pm, Reply

    total yawn fest…why do they keep moving the opening date of “Lucky You” back? Now, it’s March 2007. Should give Rounders a run for it’s money

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