Ub Ownership Transfer Complete: Excapsa Out, Blanca In

Finalizing a deal in the works for months, Blanca Games (who have to be happier than Andrew in the above vid today) appears to have completed its deal with former UltimateBet owners Excapsa Software.

From our perspective, the key part of this document is point #1, in which it states that “Blanca will acquire interest in the debt and related security for a total payment of US 2 million…”

Why is this key to us? Because the total amount was really $116M. So if we’re reading this right, the Excapsa owners (Greg Pierson, Jon Karl, Russ Hamilton and all) were willing to forfeit about $114M to have the shitstorm they created with the super-user scandal simply go away.

Anyway. with the Hellmuth rumblings and now this, it looks like change is a coming at Ub in the near future.


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