UB Super-User Account List

Dropping names like our name was Phil Hellmuth although Phil Hellmuth isn't one of the names we'll be dropping...

We have obtained a list of names involving people who are in some form attached to the UltimateBet super-user cheating scandal.

These would actually be the real names of people–not just their screen names.

We are currently verifying the validity of names on the list (some are obviously not surprising, and many you’ve never heard of…) and will begin releasing when we believe proper due diligence on our end is done.

UPDATE: Developing…but in the meantime for some excellent sleuthing on the scandal in general, read Haley Hintze here.


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  1. poker fan

    May 31, 2010 12:07 am, Reply

    We’re waiting. Tell Seebs to make The List ™ public. Give him 24 hours.

    Then post what you’ve got.

    The players deserve to know.

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