UIGEA Critic Wayne Allyn Root Was College Classmate of Barack Obama, a Poker Player

Wayne Allyn Root was classmates with Barack Obama at ColumbiaLibertarian presidential candidate, Las Vegas handicapper and outspoken critic of the UIGEA Wayne Allyn Root (at right) was on Glenn Beck‘s radio show this morning talking about his run for the nation’s top job in 2008 and how he graduated in the same class as Barack Obama, a poker player, at Columbia University.

Both candidates–one who doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs and the other an ex coke user and longtime smoker, not that it matters, but we’re just saying–were political science majors at the bastion of extreme looney liberalism where Root must have stood out like Brandi Hawbaker at a nun convention. Or David Benyamine at a salad bar.

How looney liberal are they at Columbia? Consider the story Root told during the radio interview about the day Ronald Reagan, Peace Be Upon Him, was shot. Allegedly, Root was in a poli sci class at the time and his classmates–perhaps including Obama–jumped up and down and high-fived each other like they were cheering a touchdown at a football game upon hearing initial reports that Reagan had been assasinated.

While we have no way of verifying if this happened, we do know that worrying about if it actually happened gets in the way of us saying that we think uber liberals of the Columbia kind suck just as bad as the Fristian fascists.

Anyway, we don’t know where we’re going with this but considering all the talk lately about poker players lining up for Barack “Bam” Obama because they think he’ll be good for online poker despite his complete and utter silence on the issue (or is it because they think John McCain would be bad for online poker), we thought we’d give Wayne Allyn Root some face time on Wicked Chops Poker today and re-post his RawVegas.tv video rant against the UIGEA below.

Sure he has silly hair and is a huge fan of the sound of his own voice, but opinions like his–anti-tax, limited government, anti-Nanny State–don’t nearly get the air time they deserve in the mainstream media. Or even here.

Wayne Allyn Root video

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