UltimateBet to Hold Charity Event But Not For People They Robbed Blind

The only time UltimateBet has recently looked good was when patched on Tiffany Michelle.

UltimateBet (one half of the super-cheating CEREUS poker network) is holding a charity event this weekend for Ante Up for Africa. On UltimateBet. So the proceeds are definitely all going to charity. If by "charity" you mean "Russ Hamilton."

The online poker site, which for some reason people still play on despite the fact they cheated their players out of millions of dollars and could potentially sink the industry because of it, will still likely get a decent turn-out because, again, for some unfathomable reason people still play on it.

Expected to be in the tournament are Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke, Shawn Rice, Tiffany Michelle, and "Cliff" JohnnyBax "Josephy." Also expected [to play] is Don Cheadle, who once was one of our favorite actors but after a couple of red carpet experiences he actually seems like a humorless prick. Lighten up dude.

So basically UB is now 10,000 charity events away from making up for the fact that they’re cheating shady douchebags who haven’t gotten anywhere near the level of shit they deserve.

Read more about the event here.


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  1. Matthew

    August 17, 2008 2:16 am, Reply

    Another Ante Up For Africa? How many of these do they have? And with the UB dudes! maybe it’s the same people that email me from nigeria wanting to put $10 Million into my account…

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