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There may or may not be breaking Wicked Chops Poker news later today but until then we thought we’d share these poignant videos (above and after the jump) of Kim Jong-il in the compelling docudrama Team America, which when released in 2004 demonstrated firsthand the North Korean leader’s absolute disregard for the United Nations, his insatiable desire to build a nuclear arsenal that would threaten the stability of Northeast Asia and the overwhelming isolation he feels because no one takes him, as he says, serirousry . . . that is, until today.


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  1. Pak Gil Yon

    October 9, 2006 10:35 am, Reply

    It will be better for the Security Council of the United Nations to congratulate the DPRK scientists and researchers instead of doing such notorious, useless and rigorous resolutions or whatever. The nuclear test in the DPRK will greatly contribute in increasing the world deterrence of the DPRK and will contribute to the maintenance and guarantee of peace and security in the peninsula and the region. Now go suck our balls.

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