Up Down Up Down


Layne Flack (now moved from the featured table to Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi’s table) isn’t the only bracelet winner ramping up his stack today (although since moving, Flack is down to 150k, and The Grinder up to 110k). 

Phil Ivey’s table replaced Flack’s for ESPN coverage, and since then, Ivey has finally started a steady climb up, now sitting with around 48k. 

Since moving to table 1, Greg Raymer is doing a lot of talking and pot raking, now sitting with over 100k.  He spends most of his time shootin’ sh!t with his fellow players.  On one hand, Raymer had the button, and it was folds all around.  He takes a look at his whole cards, looks at the small blind and says, "I hate doing this."  The small blind folds too, showing Raymer a 3-2.  "I had you dominated!"  Raymer says.  "I had 4-2!"  The big blind flashed the guys pocket 6’s, Raymer_bounceand both were happy they didn’t make a play for the pot.  He then spent about five minutes explaining why 5-3 is his "most profitable cash game hands."  Kids, don’t try that at home.

But that’s nowhere near Tim Phan, who leads everyone with over 400k after winning another huge pot.  Long Islander Bryan Stellwagen continues to run his table, and currently has almost 300k, as is Chip Reese.

Crazy Brit Barry Paskin is staying alive, suriving yet another all in.  For this one, he hopped up on his chair, flipping over Queens.  His opponent shows A-Q.  Paskin’s Queens hold, and he jumps off his chair and screams, "Viva Las Vegas!!!" 

Huckleberry Seed’s stack was fluctuating all day long, going anywhere from 20k-80k each level.  Right now, though, Huck’s at 0k, busting out of this year’s main event. His pocket queens were taken down by A-K after an Ace dropped on the flop and the turn and river offered no help to Huck . 

Prock_lederer_2Dutch Boyd was around 55k seemingly all day, but he’s finally breaking through and now stacks 80k.

Andrew Prock has been moved to Howard Lederer’s table and is taking notes.  Prock has Lederer out-stacked right now, about 120k to 70k.

Mike Matusow keeps singing his poker song ("Poker is all luck/skill…") on each all in, or just standing up and dancing and belting out other tunes.  Say what you want of Matusow and Hellmuth and the way they come across on TV, but trust us, sitting here for 15 hours a day, the provide VERY welcome entertainment.  Let’s hope Mike keeps building his 120k+ chip castle, we need the laughs. 

While Clonie Gowen is a knock-out…we mean knocking-out players at her table, (and collecting 100k in the process), former 4th Streeter Carmel Petresco is TKO’d.  Sorry guys.

Atlantan Matthew Hilger dropped to around 30k, but has built his stack up to 60k. 

And with 20k is this really old dude (think Blue from Old School), looks like he might live in a cardboard box off the strip with Elix Powers.  His hat reads "Robo Pong!"  He’s gotta be one of our favorite players of this year’s WSOP. 



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