Update from the Floor: Lacey Jones, Vaughn Sandman, Brian Balsbaugh, a Few Pros + Joanna Krupa

Lacey_jones_6_1Apparently the Bellagio forgot to give Lacey Jones (above) her wake up call this morning (or afternoon to be exact), so she missed the entire first level and was blinded down to just 1400 in chips when she finally walked in. She was under the gun on the first hand and folded, and so with the big blind at 600 and antes 75, Lacey had to pick up a hand on the button to stay alive. She didn’t though, as she was dealt J-4 and was up against the button who had K-4. The board was no help and Lacey was out.

As we tell all really good looking people when they don’t win a competition, the thing that really matters in life is not whether you win or lose, but how you look and Lacey is one of the best at that. You may even say Lacey’s a gosh darn world champion. So congrats Lacey for looking good today at the WSOP, even if it was for just one hand.

Vaughnsday2tableMoving on to the . . . well, same table, Vaughn Sandman (in the 7 seat) started the level with over 60k, but took a big hit when he came up against a flopped set, and proceeded to donk off a large portion of his stack when he paired his Ace on the turn. Vaughn regrouped though, showing he’s learned a lot since last year, and last we heard he was back up to just under 60k again. Keep track of the action at Vaughn’s table over at the 4th Street Poker Tour website. Rumor has it that they have his table wired so they know exactly what he’s playing on every hand.

While we watched the action at Vaughn’s table, we ran into poker agent Brian Balsbaugh. As we chatted he introduced us to Daniel Negreanu, who was on his way to check out his Protege Brian Fidler before he returned to the feature table. Daniel mentioned that he reads the site but wanted to know how we came up with the name “Wicked Chops Poker.” We explained the whole story about the voices in our head telling us to build it, call it Wicked Chops Poker and people will come and call you assholes. He said it all makes sense to him now.

As is typical when you chat with Balsbaugh, pros kept stopping by and first to do so was one of our Wicked Chops Heads-Up interviewees, Mark Seif, who is one of the coolest, most down to earth, and smartest guys in poker today. So basically, he’s a lot like us. FOWCP and Heads-Up’er Steve Dannenmann also stopped by to say hello as he sweated a friend from back home. Also in the vicinity was Haralabos Voulgaris who thankfully goes by Bob as every good Greek with a ridiculous name should. Congrats to Balsbaugh by the way who’s about to become a dad again. This is his second kid . . . well at least that he knows about for sure.

Last but not least, we headed over to Joanna Krupa‘s table where she is sitting next to Atlanta’s very own proker pro and two-time bracelet winner Josh Arieh, but who the heck cares about Josh and his bracelets when Joanna is at the table. We sweated Joanna for awhile and when we say sweated we mean act like deranged stalkers on a weekend long Viagara bender. Let it be known that Joanna is trying so hard to reclaim from Keeley Hazell her former title of Wicked Chops Poker Girl of the Year, that it’s embarassing. Trying to look unbelievably hot and all.

A photo dump of Joanna Krupa is on the way. Photo below until then.



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